PRA Group’s subsidiary companies provide comprehensive debt buying options, including acquiring and servicing defaulted and insolvent customer accounts of many varieties from major credit grantors and other consumer debt owners in the U.S. and Canada.

U.S. – Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (PRA LLC)

  • A leader in the U.S. debt buying industry, providing credit grantors with a highly valued and convenient means to maximize the value of their defaulted debt.
  • Offering large credit issuers a multistate solution to nonperforming debt. Maintaining a record of compliance validated by the successful outcome of comprehensive U.S. debt seller audits.
  • Servicing accounts from seven call centers owned and operated in the U.S., thereby reassuring sellers that their former customers’ accounts and related data are not managed offshore.

Canada – PRA Group Canada, Inc.

  • A leading purchaser of nonperforming loans since 2005 with a solid track record of portfolio acquisitions from many of Canada's leading banks and financial institutions.
  • Offering an integrated in-house and third-party servicing platform that has effectively helped customers across Canada manage their debt.

These PRA Group companies have long-term client relationships with credit grantors in both countries and have earned a reputation as responsible, professional and legally compliant companies.